Fibertex Geotextiles are especially suitable for the following applications: road works, construction, ground systems, drainage/filtration, hydraulic works and waste disposal.

Fibertex offers specifications according to the following functions: Separation, filtration, drainage, protection, reinforcement and stress relieving. Regardless of the type of construction, a Fibertex Geotextile performs at least one of these functions.


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  • Geotextiles are widely used for drainage in earth and construction works. In the EN ISO standards, the drainage function is defined as "The collecting and transporting of precipitation, ground water and/or other fluids in the plane of the geotextile". Hydraulic properties are decisive for the overall performance of the entire construction, with the water flow capacity in the plane of the geotextile being the most important. The hydraulic properties of Fibertex Geotextiles are designed to drain excess water off the construction - not by passing through the Fibertex Geotextile as when used for filtration, but by flowing in the plane of the geotextile leading it away from the construction. The use of a drainage geotextile ensures ongoing drainage of fluids with minimum pressure loss. The products of our store are the...

    Subsoil drainage    Geotextiles
  • Separation is the basic use of geotextiles and is widely practised in road works and railway constructions. In the EN ISO standards, the separation function is defined as "The preventing from intermixing of adjacent dissimilar soils and/or fill materials by the use of a geotextile". The durability and mechanical properties of Fibertex Geotextiles make them ideal as separating layers. A strong and flexible geotextile is placed between different layers in the construction, preventing migration and mingling of materials, yet allowing free movement of water. This increases the bearing capacity of the construction and provides long term stability of the foundation layers. The tensile strength, puncture resistance and elongation properties of the geotextile have to be sufficient not only to fulfil the requirements of a separator but also to resist damage during installation. Please contact us for more information about Fibertex Geotextiles for separation. The products of our store are the...

    separation and reinforcement    Geotextiles
  • Among other things, Fibertex Geotextiles are very suitable for road works. Fibertex Geotextiles placed below the top gravel layer increase the bearing capacity of the road to withstand continuous heavy traffic loads. No cars, tractors or other vehicles will become stuck in the gravel. By separating the different layers of materials, Fibertex Geotextiles stabilise road constructions that are designed to resist dynamic and static stresses. The products of our store are the...

    Road rehabilitation    Geotextiles
  • The mechanical and hydraulic properties of Fibertex Geotextiles make them - together with geogrid - ideal for soil reinforcement and retaining walls. Reinforcement with the appropriate Fibertex product prevents vertical soil walls and steep slopes from collapsing. For minor reinforcement jobs, nonwoven Fibertex Geotextiles can be sufficient, but generally the reinforcement function calls for a more rigid material. When dealing with reinforcement, the important parameters are tensile strength and elongation. In the EN ISO standards, the reinforcement function is defined as "The use of the stress-strain behaviour of a geotextile or a geotextile-related product to improve the mechanical . The products of our store are the...

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