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22mm, 2.5 kg,  240V, SDS - Plus Combination Hammer Dewalt Drill

26mm, 2Kg,  SDS Plus, 3 Mode Dewalt Hammer Drill

2,500 rpm VSR VERSA-CLUTCH Screw gun Dewalt Drill

4.8 mm, 1.3 kg, 240V, Drywall Screwdriver Dewalt Drill

230mm, 2200W, 6500 RPM,  Dewalt Angle Grinder

230mm, 8500RPM, 2400W, 2.3kg, Dewalt Angle Drill

6mm, 1.8kg, 430W, 230V, 7000 - 27000RPM, Dewalt Die Grinder

6", 152mm, 300W, 13.8Kg, 3450RPM, 220V Dewalt Bench Grinder

4 1/2", 115mm, 800W, 10,000RPM, 2.3Kg, Dewalt Small Angle Grinder

235mm, 1750W, 240V, 8.2Kg, Dewalt Electric Circular Saw

14", 355mm, 3,800RPM, 240V, Dewalt Abrasive Chop Saw

184mm, 1400W, 5800RPM, 220V, Dewalt Circular Saw

110mm, 1300W, 3.0Kg, 13000RPM, 240V, DeWalt Hand Held Wet Tile Saw

135 mm, 701W, 3100RPM, 2.8 kg, 240 V, DeWalt Electric Jigsaw

85mm, 550W, 3100RPM, 2.0Kg, DeWalt - Top Handle Jigsaw

305mm, 1600W, 3300RPM, 220V, DeWalt Table Top Mitre Saw

216MM, 1800W, 230V, Advanced DeWalt Mitre Saw

350mm, 2200W, 230V, DeWalt Advanced Radial Arm Saw

350mm, 3PH, 2800RPM, 149Kg, 1820W DeWalt Industrial Radial Arm Saw

12.0Amp, 0-2,700 SPM and 1-1/8-inch Stroke Length - High Power Reciprocating DeWalt Saw

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